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Blood Brothers Discount Tickets at Phoenix Theatre

Blood Brothers is a fascinating tale that takes place from around the early 60s. It starts with a young woman Mrs Johnstone who finds out she is pregnant again after 7 children. Her husband has walked out, she is behind with the bills and her only solace is her cleaning job is at one of the bigger and better houses, for a Mrs Lyons. Mrs Johnstone finds out she is expecting twins, and childless Mrs Lyons suggest that she take one of the twins when it is born to ease the financial burden. Mrs Johnstone agrees and they swear on the bible. Both the women have an uneasy feeling about the whole situation but a deal is a deal. The twins are born and Mrs Lyons comes to take one of the twins away. Mrs Johnstone calls her son Mickey and Mrs Lyons calls her son Eddie. Mrs Lyons is unhappy with the fact that Mrs Johnstone still cleans at the house and pays her off. The twins do not meet for another 7 years. Mickey and Eddie accidentally end up playing together years later and Mrs Lyons finds out and again is convinced that something bad will happen. They move away to the country, but not before Mrs Johnstone has given Eddie a locket with pictures of her and Mickey, and Mickey also makes them shake hands in blood- thus becoming blood brothers. Another 7 years later and Mrs Johnstone is rehoused to the country. Here Mickey and Eddie become firm friends once again and this friendship continues until they are 18.Mickey marries his long term girlfriend Linda and she becomes pregnant. After losing his job Mickey becomes depressed and ends up committing a crime for his brother Sammy and has to serve 7 years in prison. In there he becomes reliant on anti-depressants and cannot cope when released into the outside world. Linda has become very close to Eddie and relies heavily on him and this news reaches Mickey. The story ends with a confrontation between Mickey and Eddie and here they learn the truth that they are actual brothers. The tale ends here with tragic consequences and both Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Lyons awful predictions come true.

Blood Brothers Theatre

Phoenix Theatre, Charing Cross Road, London. WC2H 0JG

Take the Piccadilly or Northern line to Leicester Square station. The theatre is a 5 minute walk.

Blood Brothers Show Times

Booking Until: Saturday, 24 November 2012

Matinees: Wednesday, Thursday 3pm and Saturday 4pm
Evenings: Monday to Saturday 7:45pm

Running Time: 2 hours and 45 minutes

Blood Brothers Tickets

Tickets £18.99, £23.50, £49.50

Blood Brothers Reviews

Blood brothers is a unique tale of a mother torn between her family and the everyday pressure of life, money and bills. It also touches on class issues and this is demonstrated in a touching, funny and realistic way. The show is easy to follow and features some amazing songs. It is an excellent show from all ages from about 15 and the different worlds of Mickey and Eddie are really acted and performed. Blood brothers has been running since 1988 and will continue to be a top rated show for many years to come - Showtixs Suze


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